NHS Scrubs

As the second generation involved in MCF, I had the chance growing up to witness my father build this textile company and my mother serve as an NHS nurse for over 35 years. 

Given the overwhelming situation our medics are in at the moment, it seemed only right to bring these two worlds together.

And so it is with great pride that we have teamed up with Make Town with the purpose to help produce as many scrubs as we possibly can to add our grain of sand in these unprecedented times. Because of the shortage not only in scrubs in general but also in the traditional Black Navy and White colours, we are venturing into any and all the patterns that we can.

We invite you to go to NHS Scrubs' Fabrics to see all the fun fabrics that we are using to make scrubs.

If you want to join our effort, every little helps! Whether that’s donating, sewing, stitching or fundraising. 

You can read all about the “scrub effort” and donate here